Specifications for the Bajaj Pulsar 150 Single Disc

CC: 150
Standard Cost: $127750.00

Cost of a Single Disc Pulsar 150
A high-performing bike that is offered in Bangladesh’s motorbike market is the Pulsar 150 Single Disc. In Bangladesh,
Pulsar 150 Single Disc costs 192,750 Tk.
Height of the Pulsar 150 Single Disc Seat
According to Bajaj, the Pulsar 150 Single Disc’s seat height is 804 mm, and the user’s seat height is the same.
Mileage of Pulsar 150 Single Disc
According to Bajaj, the user mileage and claimed mileage for the Pulsar 150 Single Disc are 45 KMPL and 45 KMPL,
Weight Pulsar 150 Single Disc
According to Bajaj, the Pulsar 150 Single Disc weighs 144 kg, and the user weight of the device is also 144 kg.
Top Speed of Pulsar 150 Single Disc
Pulsar 150 Disk Only According to Bajaj and Pulsar 150 Single Disc users, the top speed is 120 KMPH.
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Single Disc Cost, Synopsis, and Essential characteristics Specifics Talk
Star-pulse! The name evokes feelings, memories, and everything. You must be well familiar with the name if you
are a motorcyclist from Bangladesh or anywhere in the subcontinent. It’s a gift from the massive Indian automaker
BAJAJ. The most popular edition of this series has also been revised, along with the rest of BAJAJ’s roster for 2017.
Because of the performance it provides to its consumers, the 150cc Pulsar has taken the industry by storm. It

supposedly has its own league, and BAJAJ refers to this series as “India’s No. 1 Sports Bike.” Here are images of
Pulsar 150 from 2017.
In 2001, BAJAJ Pulsar was introduced to satisfy the needs of the emerging “millennial” motorcycle riders. It has
always been a range that offers riders the whole package of dependability and performance (Source). This lineup of
BAJAJ bikes has undergone various mechanical and/or cosmetic upgrades to meet the market’s constantly rising
demands. In Bangladesh, the 2017 edition of Pulsar was introduced during the initial quarter of that year. It has
received both cosmetic and engine upgrades to set it apart from the other models that are still in high demand on the
streets today. Its styling elements will make it easy for you to identify it as a Pulsar while also letting you know that it
is the new model.
Key Features:
A summary of the main characteristics of the BAJAJ Pulsar 150 2017 Edition is given below.
In order to aid you at night, it features an AHO (Automatic Headlight On) system, new graphics, including stripes on
the recognizable alloy wheels, and a new color for the backlit switchgear. It has a new, wider, throatier exhaust
muffler and an engine with a DTS-i twin spark ignition system. Since the design is so similar to the current models,
some people may find it divisive. While updating this version, BAJAJ has undoubtedly taken the “why try to fix
something if it is not broke?” approach.
This bike is available in a very attractive range of colors. This bike’s colors in Bangladesh are
Nuclear Blue, Laser Black and Red Dyno
The BSIV engine’s gun metal color is a stunning upgrade. The bike has a more commanding presence thanks to its
aggressive vinyl decals and wider exhaust that produces a throatier, more muscular sound. In addition to being
visually appealing, the distinctive slashed taillight makes it easy to spot a Pulsar even at a distance during the night.
Dimensions of the body:
The brand-new BAJAJ Pulsar 150 2017 Edition is a motorcycle with excellent performance. The 144 kg bike is
supported by a 1320 mm wheelbase. The bike has excellent balance. The motorcycle’s 15-liter fuel tank supplies the
engine’s injection ports with fuel. The BAJAJ Pulsar 150 2017 Edition measures 2055 mm in total length, 755 mm in
width, and 1060 mm in height. There is 165mm of ground clearance.

Engine and Transmission: The 149.01cc, 4-Stroke, single cylinder, 2-valve, twin spark DTS-i engine powers the
BAJAJ Pulsar 150 2017 Edition. The following are the engine’s power and torque numbers: 13.4 Nm at 6000 RPM
and 14 PS at 8000 RPM. There is a 5-speed transmission attached to this machine.
Suspension, Brakes,
Wheels: The suspension system consists of a set of 5-way adjustable Nitrox shock absorbers at the back and a dual
telescopic system with an anti-friction bush up front. A 240 mm disc brake on a 6-spoke wheel with an 80/100-17 tire
powers the front brake. The 6-spoke wheel with the 100/90-17 tire wrapped around it is equipped with a 130mm drum
rear brake. The tubeless tires on both wheels provide improved performance and prevent unexpected deflation.
Best For:
Although it is aimed at the country’s youth, the older generation can also make great use of the BAJAJ Pulsar 150
2017 Edition. With this motorcycle, riding in the city is quite possible. Students attending colleges and universities as
well as recent graduates are this motorcycle’s primary market. A large number of middle-aged users also regularly
commute and ride between cities on this bike.
The motorcycle’s comfortable seating for both the rider and the pillion makes it easy for the user to commute between
cities, and it is also very good at highway speeds. Thus, you can go on lengthy rides with your loved ones.

The BAJAJ Pulsar 150 2017 Edition is giving its rivals a hard fight when it comes to price because it checks almost
every box at a moment when other riders in this class find it questionable. Here is a price comparison between the
Pulsar 150 2017 Edition and its rivals. That concludes the details of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike. Proceed to the sections
on all bike prices in Bangladesh and all Bajaj bike prices in Bangladesh.
To provide you with some information, these are some of the Bajaj motorcycles that are currently selling the best in
Bangladesh: the Discover 110, Discover 125, and Pulsar NS 160. Please feel free to visit us for more information,
including the most recent bike news, bike prices, and a wealth of other helpful data.

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